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It is the first time that a Pokemon game has a sequel – Black / White Version 2.  It is actually a significant change from the previous Pokemon games including Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum, where players got two options for their third game.  It is actually a great idea for a change so people bought, played and enjoyed both games.  However, the game somewhat made it seem like the series is sort of getting old and this might be the explanation why the sales for this game have been relatively low.  Generally it is a great game and is worth buying if you own a 3DS or a DS because one thing is for sure, once the game cartridge has gone inside, it is not bound to come out until your game is over. 
Let us proceed to the main review…


The most important aspect of any game is the answer to this question: Is it fun to play?  So what makes Pokemon BV2 fun to play?  The formula of the game is still the same as that of the previous games – to catch, to train and to battle yet it still works for this new game.  Now there are over 600 Pokemon creatures to choose from in creating your team, which is actually a brilliant part of the game because even if it is a bit of a challenge to remember them all, you will actually be fond of these creatures once you’ve played the game for a while.  Of course, it will always feel great when a Swords Dance from your Excadrill sweeps away your opponent’s team.

Another positive aspect of the game is its multiplayer capabilities. This means that you can trade your Pokemon with the Pokemon of your friends and then you can battle with them.  When you say friends, it does not just refer to your real life friends, but friends from around the world you can make while playing the game.  Therefore in my opinion, this feature is what makes this game one of the best DS games especially to those who in search of a good multiplayer for their system.

One negative aspect I found in this game though is that it is not as gripping and adrenalin-rushing as the previous games.  Based on my experience, it took about 1/3 of the game for me to find it gripping and it means by then I just didn’t want to stop playing it.  Your level of excitement and enjoyment will fluctuate many times when playing the game and the boss battles like the Gym Leaders, Plasma Leaders, Plasma and Elite Fours are what will get you really pumped up.


It is difficult to state precisely how good or bad the plot line is for BV2.  As a matter of fact, there are several contradicting issues and one is that the main aspect of an RPG game is to have an in-depth story line which Pokemon has never been really known to have.  Expecting a strong plot from BV2 is rather foolish because although RPGs are expected to come with a strong plot, the developer of BV2 targets young children who do not necessarily demand a strong and decent plot line.  Still, that should not be really an excuse and the plot could have been done better.  So if you are looking for a game with an impressive plot, then this is not really the game to buy.  In short, the plot is best described as mediocre at its best.

Sound and Graphics

The graphics are good and are even slightly better as compared to most DS games.  They were not changed from Black / White however and yet they outshine a lot of games especially 3D ones made by GameFreak like Castelia City or Skyarrow Bridge.   Graphics in the battles and the animation make the battling a lot more fun. Although it is a little bit slow-paced which for sure some gamers will not like, the awesome animation really makes up for that.

As far as the sound is concerned, the music of the game is generally normal, sometimes annoying, so it is neither good nor bad.  Personally there were just some themes that I liked in the game and for the most part I had to use my headphones so I could listen to my favorite songs from the laptop I was using. 

Replay Ability and Play Time

As compared to most DS games, this game takes a longer time to finish and it all depends on what your ultimate goal is for completing the game.  If it is only until Elite Four, then the game will be over after 27 to 35 hours.  If you plan to do all the side quests as well, then 40-45 hours seem enough.  Now if you if want to go for the ultimate challenge of catching all the creatures (all 649 of them), then of course you will need more time.

Beating the Elite Four technically means you have finished the game but you will get to unlock the Challenge Mode which makes the game harder to beat.  However, if you think and feel that you have the right skills to complete the game in that mode, then it is certainly worth playing again.  As a matter of fact, I did play it again in that mode and I found it rather challenging and it was definitely something new because Pokemon games have always been extremely easy.

Final Recommendation

If you are an avid DS user, I highly suggest and recommend this game.  Actually I struggled to grab a copy of this game in the place where I live and once I got a hold of it, I exclaimed, “Totally worth it!”

Pokemon 3DS is characterized by the same sound that you have heard from Pokemon Diamond, though there were some modifications made for Blizzard and Shadow Ball. The sound is still distinctly Pokemon, but you cannot deny the sound already has some twist to it so it does not seem like a direct copy from the older game. Some of the tunes may sound random and odd, as if they were just mixed into the game’s sound for no reason at all. However, you might have the Theme Plasma theme stuck in your head for sometime.

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It is a good ear candy that you cannot easily forget. There are old sounds, but they are already modified ones.  You may need sometime to adjust to the graphics as with all games in 3D. You still need to get used to exploring 3D areas that were not available in previous games. This sense of exploration should help you avoid missing out on some parts of the game. There is also this interesting thing about the camera moving around the players during battles. Even if Generation 5 Pokemon may be a bit strange, this is not something new to Pokemon at all because previous generations were weird too. Each Pokemon has signature moves, which are oddly made perfect for the sprites. You can just imagine the effort that the team has placed on developing such moves. Moreover, you cannot stop but learn to appreciate little changes done to some Pokemon, such as how the ice-cream Pokemon called Banipucchi now sports some snowflake sparkles. However, Elite 4 and Gym Leaders are already devoid of sprites. They might be saving the feature for the third version of the series which will likely be released a few years from now. I can say thought that the graphics are excellent.

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Pokemon 3DS games have always been known for their replayability, as with this game. This game may not be easily forgotten for years to come due to the game’s new and fun moves plus Pokemon abilities.
RATING: 10/10 Pokemon DS vs 3DS cartridge