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Two years later, we head back to the so-called Unova Region.  Have there been a lot of changes in the region especially within those 2 years?  The answer is yes and no.  While there have been some changes, the region for the most part is very much the same since it has the same cities and the same towns its prequels had.  However, there are newer cities and routes, plus a few changes to the storyline.

The New PokeDex from the game is definitely a lot wider and a lot more advanced than that from the regular Black and White.  Thundorus, Kyurem, Landorus, Keldeo and Tornadus plus more have entirely new forms that you can access in the game.  Along with PokeDex 3D Pro, which is a new app for the Nintendo 3DS and features 3D in 360 degree moves, other apps such as PokeDex information, learned moves and Pokemon Challenge will let you test and hone your skills and knowledge as a Pokemon trainer.

You can still also get to pick from the same three starters such as those in Pokemon Black and White (which is something I didn’t really like).  However, there are many new Pokemon creatures available early in the game such as Mareep or Riolu.  Then sometime before you get halfway through the game, you will get a FREE ZORUA!  Trust me it is really a great Pokemon because at Level 30 it will evolve into a Zozorak, and not to mention that it is the mysterious N’s Zozorak.

So to those deciphering on whether you should invest on this game which is a breakthrough in the modern gaming world, here are some of the essential questions you need to ask yourself:
* Am I ready and willing to spend 35 dollars on the game?
* Do I like Pokemon and is this type of RPG game something I am really interested in?
* Am I just getting it because it’s new and it’s cool?

The Galactic storyline of this game is comparable to the storylines used in previous games. You may have expected this game’s plot to thicken or overshadow the story of the last games. There are also notable things that are no longer included in the Galactic storyline. This was the part that connects the events in the story to the main plot that requires players to collect badges and fight off Gym Leaders. There is also a Plasma storyline that already includes the Gym Leader. It was even more fun to get to experience the game with Elite 4.

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All these innovations added with general good design are also notable throughout the game. There are significant improvements made to the game’s interface and functionality. This leads to better fluidity in the game which makes it much easier to enjoy. I think the game is well balanced when it comes to its development as it is not too easy or too difficult for a player to handle. It presents just the right challenge. The game’s world design is created well that I find it attractive enough to be explored just because I got curious about what I would find. I even go out of my way to open and play those optional battles just for the sake of having fun, which is something that I rarely do in other Pokemon games. I also like the new visual design that already has a touch of semi 3D effect on the battle animation and the world map. Pokemon Black and White is probably the greatest showcase of visual design for any Pokemon game from Nintendo DS. The game is more fluid and fun than any other Pokemon game that I’ve played. Of all the improved features in this game, I still don’t forget my favorite feature: you cannot see any Pokemon from the previous generations all throughout the game.

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I do think that it is just natural that Gamefreak would do this. I’ve been thinking about the same thing for the last few games and they finally did it now with this game. You cannot see any of the 493 Pokemon that were created for Generations 1-4, which greatly simplifies the game. As for my experience, it was really a much more coherent one. Moreover, the game has finally fully returned to its Red and Blue origins. It feels just like I was six years old again and travelling from Pallet Town to go to Viridian City. Pokemon Black and White can give you the perfect nostalgia of how you felt playing the game when you were a kid. The game’s simplicity now is veiled with mystery and excitement as players wait for the new unknown Pokemon. I have been waiting for this kind of experience for thirteen years now and I may not be the only Pokemon player who is so happy about the recent developments to the game.
If you are excited about another Pokemon experience now, I would encourage that you try this game from the classic franchise. It is like the first original Pokemon game in about ten years and it was worth the wait.


Pokemon Black Version Emphasizes The Division Of Powers

Pokemon has always been and will always be a guilty pleasure for lovers of RPG games, whether it’s Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy –and it’s true for you, too! You love the Pokemon characters including Charizard and Pikachu but you also want to catch all of them, which may be contradictory but it is what it is.

Fifteen years after Nintendo first released its leviathan of a game, the videogame company continues to release game after game, sequel after sequel, and even remakes of sequels with each new version offering obvious and subtle differences from its predecessors. But Nintendo has been known for relying more on the series’ nostalgic charm instead of introducing radical changes to propel it forward into the future.

For Nintendo DS’ last game, however, Game Freak released two new portable games for the Pokemon franchise, the most successful and most addictive as well as the biggest franchise in its history. While the Black and White versions are significant improvements from their humble predecessors, Game Freak could have been more daring in its creation of these games. 

The Pokemon central story is of a wandering Pokemon maniac considered as a pariah by society – or not since I’m just pulling your leg. Your game character is an up-and-coming Pokemon trainer beginning your journey in Unova, a new Pokemon world. You are required to catch wild Pokemon and raise them as well as conquer the eight Unova gyms, beat the Elite Four, and ultimately become a Pokemon Champion.

The central plot is a familiar one for gamers who have been playing the Pokemon games since the original game was introduced in 1996 but there are new twists and turns in the game. First, you now have two rivals who appear during the entirety of your journey with each of your rival having his own ambitions in Unova. Second, Team Plasma, an evil organization along the vein of Team Magma, Team Aqua, and Team Rocket, wants to liberate the pocket monsters from their enslavement by the humans – or so, it says it will.

The division of powers as the theme in the new Pokemon version is relatively sophisticated for the franchise. Emphasis must be made that the theme about the pocket monsters being the servants, even the slaves, of humans wasn’t explored, much less expounded on, in the Pokemon narrative in any of the versions. For this reason, the Black and White series arguably has the best storyline in the franchise so far.

If you’re a newbie to the franchise, you should just throw up your arms and surrender to your fate of joining the ranks of the millions of Pokemon-crazed gamers. The franchise in its numerous versions has always focused on gamers catching, training and battling their Pokemon with other trainers, a tradition that gamers across at least two generations continue to appreciate.

You can select a starter Pokemon, which can be a Grass, Water, or Fire type, which you can train as part of your pursuit of catching more pocket monsters. You have to find, capture and train wild Pokemon to become part of your team, which can be used during the battles against the gym leaders and Elite Four. You should also raise Pokemon to earn and learn new moves and, eventually, even evolve into stronger forms.

The comprehensive process of selecting new move combos, finding the team members, and prepping stats for the 600-plus Pokemon characters is as challenging as ever. The Black and White versions will truly feel familiar if you’ve been a Pokemon fan since the first game was released.

The Black version is a huge game with a few discreet changes creating a huge difference in its gameplay. First, the fast-paced battles have been improved with faster animations, better visuals, and even more engaging scuffles. In fact, it just seems to be a faster game in its entirety. 

Second, the experience points can be accumulated so much faster during wild Pokemon fights and the special items in the game are introduced with higher frequency. Even the story itself appears to push the player deeper and further into the game at a forceful yet comfortable speed.