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Pokemon Y Has The Elusive X Factor

The Pokemon franchise was such a large part of my childhood especially as most of my friends were also fans of the games since the original game was released in the United States. In fact, Pokemon Blue was instrumental in my early education because it helped me in my reading skills, thus, my soft spot for this version.

But even as I became a teenager and an adult, I will likely buy Nintendo’s Pokemon versions for as long as I’m into videogames. Of course, my purpose and style of gaming have changed over the years- from a casual gamer with focus more on the enjoyment of the game to a competitive gamer with an emphasis on successful Pokemon training and online battling. While my end game has also slightly changed, I must say that I still love the plot, story and character development – all that jazz associated with the Pokemon franchise.

For this reason, I can proudly say that I have played every Pokemon game there is, even the spin-offs like Pokemon Conquest and Pokemon Snap. But with the Black and White versions as well as their immediate sequels, the Black and White 2, there was little to none of the exciting feeling from previous generations.

Fortunately, Pokemon Y brought back the thrill for gamers! The Y version brought back the good vibes, the great anticipation, and the competitive feeling again, which were lacking in the past few versions.

In this review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Pokemon Y version in ways that newbies and veterans can appreciate. 

The quality of the graphics has increasingly become a crucial selling point among the general gaming community because videogames have visuals at their core. This is true for both handheld and computer games where the quality of the graphics comes in either first or second in the criteria.  For Pokemon Y, the visuals are beautiful from the battle animations and 3D effects to the Pokemon models – indeed, it’s the best-looking Pokemon game so far!

The quality of the sound effects and music is the standard for the Pokemon franchise. These include the normal tunes from previous versions as well as the overly dramatic intros for the gym leaders and rivals, all of which we know and love so well.  In short, the sound effects and music are neither so good nor so bad, just the usual.

Even the gameplay has been carried over from past versions although there are a few changes to it. For example, the competitive battling and post-game features have been updated so that these have an overall better feel.

For newbies, keep in mind that all Pokemon games so far are turn-based RPG-style. You have to build your own Pokemon team consisting of six characters and, hopefully, your team has a balance of strengths and weaknesses so that you can come out on top for each battle.

Keep in mind that each type of Pokemon has its set of strengths and weaknesses, such as water being effective against fire. Your team should cover all of the bases, so to speak, such that you have a Pokemon with a strength that will cover up for the weakness of another Pokemon.

While the story isn’t too important in the type of Pokemon chosen as well as in the IVs and EVs, you will find that it will become a crucial matter during competitive battling. The story is the same as always – you have to defeat eight Gym Leaders, beat the Elite Four, and win over your rivals in battle, all with the goal of collecting all of the available Pokemon. Such is its fun and light story that everybody from children to adults will almost immediately like it.

The real challenge in the game lies in the online battles and in the completion of the Pokemon Dex (i.e., collecting all of the Pokemon). 

Let’s proceed to the competitive battling. While many non-gamers think that Pokemon is just a children’s game because of the cheesy story, it isn’t, far from it. This is because every Pokemon game has an in-depth battling element, which attracts hardcore RPG gamers and children alike.

Every Pokemon also has hidden stats that it’s born with and that can increase by up to 31, an aspect that allow for creating the best possible Pokemon, stat-wise; these stats can be checked in the Pokemon Y version. This is the aspect where the franchise has significantly improved in my opinion, especially with the new feature where gamers can have the guarantee of every Pokemon getting two 31 IV stats.

If you have the Ditto version, you can use items in passing down the IV stats to any of the Pokemon in your Pokemon Dex (i.e., pocket monsters you’re breeding and training for battling). With a sufficient number of Dittos with perfect IVs coupled with the correct number of items, you will find that it becomes so much easier to breed Pokemon for the purpose of getting perfect IVs.



EVs refer to the stats gained whenever a gamer defeats a specific Pokemon with the stats giving attack powers while HPs help these stats. You have to separate the EV points, which have a maximum allowable amount, for effective and efficient use of your Pokemon characters’ strengths and weaknesses.

The final major deal in the nature with which your Pokemon character has been born with. Keep in mind that natures usually strengthen one stat and weaken another for a certain pocket monster. Ideally, the most commonly used stat, such as attack or speed or special attack, will be increased while the least used stat (e.g., psychic abilities) will be decreased. This means that a perfect combination of these stats is a must for successful competitive online battling. 

The online gaming community is such a massive network that every gamer will likely find fellow gamers who can contribute to the achievement of your common goal. If you don’t have perfect stats, then your Pokemon’s inferiority will be manifested in your pocket monster fainting in just three attacks instead of the usual four. You have to learn the best ways to build your Pokemon team as well as the best strategies to implement in online battling.

Hopefully, the abovementioned discussions provided a good idea about Pokemon Y – truly, a great game for children and adults. Children will have easy and enjoyable time catching the Pokemon while also playing just for the story. Teenagers and adults usually play because of nostalgia and competitive online battling with fellow hardcore gamers. 

Contrary to non-gamer’s opinion, Pokemon Y is a challenging game that requires an effective game plan to complete it. You have to grind at the game but when you start to reap the rewards of your labor, usually by dominating the online battles, you will find it such a rewarding experience.

While the 3DS has a great line-up of current games, Pokemon Y makes it even better. Pokemon Y is definitely one of the top three of the best games in the franchise, a must-have in your collection. Gamers who enjoy RPGs, or who have been a fan of the series, or who are looking for new online games, or who just like enjoyable games are well-advised to purchase Pokemon Y – truly, a great game that will give you the best value for your money.

There are plenty of games that you shouldn’t miss out on. Zelda, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon Y are among these games. You have to give it a try and you will immensely enjoy it, as I did. I hope that my review helped in your buying decision. 

Graphics: 9.5/10
Sound: 9/10
Story: 8.5/10
Online: 10/10
Overall: 9.25/10

Final Verdict: You have to buy it now! 


Did you know that each and every Pokemon game you have ever played has been nothing but a lie? Somehow, the developer of the game has assembled some sort of deceit wrapped around the idea that the Pokemon series is all about being friends with your Pokemon. According to them, the best trainers are those who are the kindest and nicest to their monsters. However, you should have known all along that it’s never the ones who care about their Pokemon’s feelings or the ones who trust their monsters. As a matter of fact, Pokemon Y & X is the only game where the developer has finally addressed the main goal and the thesis of the franchise and it is only where your bond with your monster truly matters.

Your bond with your Pokemon now matters in combat where you are battling against other 3D Pokemon. Those pocket monsters possessing a strong bond with you (which you can achieve by playing mini-games and by petting your Pokemon) are expected to perform better. They will land critical hits, dodge attacks and shrug off status effects a lot more often. Having your monster survive two attacks simply because it has a very strong affection for you is one of the reasons why being friends with the little guys matters. At times it would feel random, which is guaranteed to enrage the type of fan who takes the statistical side of the game seriously, but it can also be entrancing to players who allow themselves to be virtually immersed in the game’s charming world.

Right now there is NO WORKING emulator for 【3Ds MODE】 Games. as soon as a real emulator for 3DS is released this page will be updated to reflect that!

MicroSD equiped blank 3DS Game Cards can emulate the Pokemon cartridge and NAND save game memory for playing backups on 3DS, but there is no way to play Poke X&Y 3D games on a Windows PC, Mac or Android.

Emu Development progress:

【DS MODE】 can be emulated using several well established emulators. DeSmuME, No$GBA, DasShiney, DuoS DSEMU

【Hardware Emu】 Pokemon cartridge format has been successfully copied and backups of the game can be payed from a blank flash card with most features like save games etc working, but no Internet support.

【3DS MODE】 - work in progress...

At the moment there is NO WORKING emulator for 3DS 【3D MODE】 Games. I will update this part as soon as a real emulator for 3DS is released.

Emulator Development Progress:

【DS MODE】 of the 3DS console can be emulated using good old NDS emulators. DeSmuME, No$GBA, DasShiney, DuoS DSEMU

【Cartridge Hardware Emulation】
3DS Game Cards have been successfully cloned for running copied games. microSD Flash memory is used to store the game files and most features with the exception of online trading work.

【3DS MODE】 - work in progress...

Don't be fooled by the fake sites offering you to download files as soon as you fill out surveys or pay for a download -- all they want is to make some $ from people like you filling out paid surveys and the files are all fake. Even if you think you have the emulator and all you are missing is the elusive BIOS file, know that you have been tricked. Youtube videos mostly are doctored so that the OP opens a supposed game file which in fact is a gameplay Video file and than he pretends to be playing the game...

Don't expect the first REAL 3DS emulator to be without any bugs and run games with perfect graphic rendering straight from the start. That is another sign to easily spot the fakes - they all seem to work 100% perfect. Perfect graphics and sound and all the features supported = too good to be true.

Even DS emulators are not perfect and they have been arround for 10 years now!


Pokemon Y 3DS Game

Nintendo 3DS gameplay review

It is great that Pokemon Y has features that make you feel as if you are part of its universe. The 3D world makes the environment a lot more beautiful and lifelike, thereby making the game a lot more visually interesting and entertaining. Even the other visuals such as the outfits, hairstyles, caves, dungeons, etc. show amazing improvements which in the other Pokemon series seemed to have been overlooked or not given special attention to.

However, the detailed Pokemon seems to be somewhat too much for the handheld. Occasional frame rate drops can be experienced and the 3D slider is disabled in most parts of the game, which is rather a shame considering the number of areas that look as if they were specifically designed to benefit from the added depth of what the stereoscopic 3D delivers.

While the more detailed Pokemon Y world also does great wonders to making the franchise appear more advanced, it also makes some elements of the game feel and appear a bit dated. One that is can be noted is the number of creatures to choose from (now more than 700), which makes it trickier for players to remember all their differences and quite challenging for them to manage their own monsters. As always, you can expect players to be able to learn which types are weak or strong against others, which actually worked well for the first generations when most of the Pokemon creatures appeared the type they were. Although discovery is a fun part of the game, it is rather impractical to expect the players to remember each and every type of Pokemon they will encounter in the game, especially now when there are more than 700 creatures all in all.

When it comes to game saves on the cartridge or on a 3DS emulator, saving your game is near-instant and the interface has already been streamlined to make your every action as painless as possible, like from checking the map to trading monsters with friends. EXP Share also allows you to share experience among all your monsters to keep them around basically the same level. In addition, the change to Effort Value or EV Training is quite impressive considering it was a previously hidden mechanic that has been made more manageable in the latest game.

Other downsides of the Pokemon Y game include horde battles that pit you against a group of low-level Pokemon at once, which is supposed to be compelling but is annoying instead. Also, Sky Battles take place too infrequently thereby leading you to forget that they even exist in the game. Another big disappointment is the Mega Evolutions. There are certain Pokemon that can temporarily evolve in the middle of a battle and will have stats that are different from what they have in their regular form, but there is not really a compelling reason not to make use of the ability especially when there is no real negative to using it. The sole restriction is that you can Mega Evolve only one fighter for each battle thereby making is difficult to come up with a strategic difference. Since Mega Evolutions is a feature of the game and is visually impressive, you would still want to use it and do it. However, there is nothing really much to expect from it.

Despite the renovations, innovations and evolutions, Pokemon Y & X still basically feels like the usual Pokemon game overall. Of course, you can spend more time petting your Pikachu and you can get to choose a variety of starters, but Pokemon Y still lands in the same comfort zone Pokemon emulation followers have found themselves in for years and for a total of 6 generations. The developer, we must say, somehow did a great task of cleaning up certain aging mechanics and creating a visually stimulating Poke world any Pokemon fan would be crazy to explore.