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pokemon saphire emulatorYou would be surprised to find how many Pokemon games can be downloaded on the internet at no cost.

What you have to keep in mind thought is that legality and copyright for some of these downloads is questionable - so taking that into consideration you can do a quick search for Pokemon Roms and get Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, classic black and white GAMEBOY and GB Color Poke games of all sorts. Even Nintendo 64, GameCube and Nintendo Wii are ready for download.


List  of Pokemon Rom Backups

  • Download Pokemon Games GBA Roms
  • Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Emulator
  • Pokemon Sapphire Rom
  • Pokemon Ruby Download
  • Fire Red Rom
  • Pokemon Ruby Emulator
  • Pokemon Leaf Green Rom
  • DL For GBA Emu
  • Download free Pokemon emulator software for playing, linking and online rading GBA, Nintendo DS, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Wii and Gameboy Advance SP Pokemon games. Best for Sapphire Ruby Red Blue Gold Yellow.
  • Nintendo DSi Black Version DeSmuME and Nintendo DS Lite White Version No$GBA

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VBA Link GBA emulator with multiplayer linking support for trading Pokemons from one rom to another.

The Old Computer SNES ROMs downloads section.