GBC PoKeMoN Emulator

Download GAMEBOY Color game Emulator

gbc pokemon emulatorFor playing GBC (Game Boy COLOR) Pokemon games I suggest to use TGB Dual 7 ENG. It may not be the best and most compatible GB / GBColor emulator out there, but TGB Dual more than makes up for it with one feature that others lack and that is GameBoy multiplayer Link Cable support that lets you play Pokemon in multiplayer mode - Link and Trade!

How to trade Pokemon's with TGBDual GB Emulator:

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  • To use the TGB Dual open both Pokemon games.
    Click [File] -> [GB1 Load] and then
    Click [File] -> [GB2 Load]
    open both of the games you are trying to trade between.
  • Change the controls for the second emulator window. In TGBDual Click [Options] -> [Keys]
    change the keys to your liking for GameBoy 2.
  • Turn the sound OFF or you will get a mixture of both game soundtracks being played simultaneously.
    Click [Options] -> [Sound] and turn it off.
  • Now go to a Poke Center and trade.

TGB Dual GB Emulator

Best emulator for trading GB / GBC Pokemon

TGB Dual 7 (ENGLISH version buy Suicune128) is a Nintendo Game Boy & Gameboy COLOR emulator that has full link cable support through TC/PIP - Local network or running 2 Pokemon games on the same PC and trading in poke center. TGB Dual 7 ENG can also be used to play and link GBC Zelda Oracle of Seasons / Oracle of Ages games. Originally this Pokemon emulator was released only in Japanese, but thanks to Suicune from GBXemu we have this version in English, making TGB Dual menus so much easier to understand for English speaking players.

Download TGB Dual - Gameboy Classic and Game Boy COLOR emulator with multiplayer link cable support for trading Pokemon!

Gameboy - support site.

Nintendo Gameboy (GB) and GB Color (GBC) games:

Pokémon Gold and Silver GBC
Pocket Monsters Crystal GBC
Pokémon Red, Blue, and Green GB
Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition GB
Nintendo DSi Black Version DeSmuME
Nintendo DS Lite White Version No$GBA

Game Boy Color (GBC)

The Game Boy has made a huge impact in the gaming industry hence Nintendo felt that they should create better and newer Game Boy version that would stir the interest of those who already own Game Boy original. Though Game Boy Pocket, the other version of Game Boy, still gives undeniable excitement a new face in the Game Boy now gives you a higher level of gaming satisfaction. This Game Boy innovation was first released in October 21, 1998 in Japan and on November 19, 1998, North American fans can now enjoy the Game Boy Color. This new version is now the Game Boy Color or the GBC. This product was backward compatible making it the very first handheld console system. This new Game Boy version features a color screen and as compared to the Game Boy Pocket, the GBS is a little thicker and taller. And apart from this, the Game Boy Color has a long list of incredible games and a great installed base of the predecessor system. Its large library of games is the primary feature of the GBS because it allows each new launch to begin with a larger library unlike its other video game console competitors.

The excitement of every game in any Game Boy Color is due to its excellent specifications including the processor which works like the Z80. Here are the other specifications of Game Boy Color that you can’t find in any other competitor.

  • - lock speed of approximately 8 MHz
  • - 32 kilobytes system RAM
  • - 16 kilobytes of video RAM
  • - addressed more ROM as it has eight times the maximum as the original Game Boy
  • - with a screen resolution of 160x144 pixels

Aside from the mentioned specifications, Game Boy Color also features an infrared communications port which is beneficial for wireless linking. However, this kind of feature is only supported in other games. Because of this, the infrared port feature was later on removed in the other Game Boy versions such as the Game Boy Advance and other later releases. The Game Boy Color also features 56 different colors from the 32,768 palette and could also add basic four-color shading.

Nintendo also developed black cartridges that are suitable for Game Boy Color. This black color distinguished from gray Game Boy cartridge and the transparent Game Boy Color. On the other hand, Game Boy Color games feature various color cartridges that are made specially for the European and American releases of the Pokemon games.

The very last Game Boy Color game was released in Japan in June 2002 that are also compatible with Game Boy and Super Game Boy which was derived from the TV animation One Piece: Maraboshi no Line Boukenhen! Meanwhile, United States Game Boy Color fans enjoyed the last game with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

If you own a Game Boy Color you already know how it feels to have this kind of video game console since this is designed and created to give gamers ultimate gaming satisfaction.