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Pokémon Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition

pokemon yellow pika emulator Pokemon Yellow also known as Pocket Monsters Pikachu is a role playing game, and is the fourth game of Pokemon video series. It is an updated version of Pokemon Red and Blue featuring Pikachu as its mascot. Pokemon Yellow has the same plot and gameplay as in Pokemon Red and Blue, as the player journeys across the Kanto to defeat eight gym leaders but some of the changes in the game has made it to look more similar to the Pokemon anime series. Players get Pikachu as their starting Pokemon like Ash Ketchum gets in anime series

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Unlike other Pokemon in the game, Pikachu walks behind the player instead of staying in the Pokeball and displays emotion and reactions in different situations like on entering a room or building. When Pikachu faces and talks with player then a picture in picture mode activates i.e. a box will appear which will show Pikachu face and current emotion like angry, curious, bursting with love. Also there are some other changes in the gameplay which are different selection of Pokemon available to capture. All three Red and Blue starters are also present in the game. Jessie, James and Meowth, anime characters have also made special appearances.

All the 151 Pokemon available in its predecessor are also present in this title. It also includes Pikachu’s Beach mini-game. Mission of the game is to obtain all the six badges to get entrance in the Pokemon League tournament and to earn these badges, player needs to defeat six Pokemon gym trainers with his own collection of Pokemon team.

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