Pokémon Red & Blue

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pokemon red blue emulatorPokemon Red and Blue are the original releases of the role-playing games for the GameBoy and are some of the best selling games of all time.

The game is set in fictional region of Kanto where player, who is controlling the main character of the game from an overhead perspective, has a quest to become the greatest Pokemon trainer and become champion of Kanto by battling and defeating Elite Four. Another mission is to complete all the entries in the Pokedox( a Pokemon encyclopedia) by collecting, raising and trading to obtain all the Pokemon.

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This title uses Game Link Cable, which is used to trade and battle Pokemon between games by connecting two games together. This trading is essential to collect all 151 Pokemon. The Link Cable also allows to battle with other player's Pokemon team.

Pokemon Red and Blue are in third person perspective like most of the role-playing games in which player directly navigates the protagonist. As the player moves ahead in the game he will face many different terrains where Pokemon reside like grassy fields, forest, caves and seas etc. On an encounter with these Pokemon, game switches to battle scene where Pokemon will battle.
To complete the main storyline, a player has to develop and raise Pokemon engaging in battle with other Pokemon, which can either be other trainee’s Pokemon or a wild Pokemon. This system is in-built in all Pokemon video games which allows the winning Pokemon to collect experience points to increase the level. This level controls Pokemon moves and battling statistics.

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