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pokemon emerald emulatorPokemon Emerald is the fifth and the final Generation III game. It has added many new features which were not present in previous games.

Gameplay is largely is same as that of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire but with some new features added to it. Storyline is also modified; both Team Magma and Team Aqua are featured as the villainous teams. The objective of each team is to awake Groudon and Kyogre respectively which will be eventually fulfilled.

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When two legendary Pokemon begins to fight with each other, then another legendary Pokemon Rayquaza is needed to be awakened by the protagonist to calm them. Though the concept of double battles is already introduced in Ruby and Sapphire, in Emerald two trainers can unite to battle as a team. When player defeats Elite Four, player can re-battle Gym leaders in a double battle. Like Pokemon Crystal sprites of Pokemon are animated in the battle.

Battle Tower which was introduced in Ruby and Sapphire is also added in this game but with expanded version.

It also supports wireless linking with Union room like it was in Pokemon FireRed and Leaf Green.  A new battle area called as Trainer Hill is also added which is similar to Trainer Tower found in FireRed and LeafGreen. Some new Pokemon and characters are also introduced in the game like new Gym Leader in the Sootopolis Gym , Juan and new Pokemon champion, Wallace. Scott is also introduced in Emerald, which will meet the player many times in the game and finally inviting the player to the Battle Frontier.

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