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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire Are Shimmering Gems in the Videogame Industry

The Pokemon Game series continues to evolve with each version being better than the last, a constant and consistent evolution that contributed to the series becoming among the best videogames today. 

Welcome to the next era in the hugely popular Pokemon series! While the Gold, Silver and Crystal versions are still fresh in our minds, here’s a closer look into the next generation of Pokemon, the Ruby and Sapphire versions. Like many of my fellow Pokemon gamers, I definitely wish that it lives up to the standards set by its predecessors. 

8/10 Graphics

The standard GBA animation graphics are already outstanding for its category, and the Ruby and Sapphire games are also following in the footsteps with their impressive showing.  Many gamers will even dare say that it’s the best in the series so far. Even some of the Sprites with less appeal in my eyes are all great works of art, especially the attention to detail, such as in the case of Ninetales’ hair.

Each Pokeball, the items that hold Pokemon after being captured, has its own specific color opening, a tiny detail that adds to the game’s appeal. Every attack mode is also rendered well. Such is the attention to detail of the game designers that even the seemingly trivial effects, such as the footprints in the sand, the raindrops on the ground, and the water’s reflection, are spectacular in their own ways. Suffice it to say that the game designers did their research and gave the games such marvelous graphics. 

8/10 Sound and Music

The music and sound effects are a mixed bag – a few are inspired sounds while a few are a bore. In some places, the music is neither terrible nor catchy, just uninspiring. Fortunately, Nintendo placed more effort into the individual calls of each Pokemon as well as ensured that their calls have a more painful quality when they faint.  Also, the Team Magma and Aqua battles have the best music in the series. 

10/10 Gameplay

Like in all of the best videogames, the gameplay is the heart and soul of the game without which it will fall flat on its face. Each individual Pokemon character regardless of its type has its own strengths and weaknesses, strategies and stats, and moves, even a personality. The result: Every player has the opportunity to create virtually limitless team combinations, strategies and moves. 

The game designers also added a new twist as well: The moves can be applied in and out of battles. Even the contests are new with increased difficulty in challenging them, a welcome move because several of the best contest moves can be less than impressive, even horrible, when used in battle. For example, Splash is such a useless character in battle but it will score plenty of points when used as the last appeal in a contest. 

If you are a serious gamer, you will also find several other aspects to like. These include the new EV system and the leveling up.

6/10 Story

Be the best Pokemon trainer, known as a Pokemon Champion or Pokemon Master. This is still the Sapphire and Ruby games’ storyline but there’s a difference in the sense that it’s a bit deeper than the previous games.

You, the gamer, are a Pokemon trainer who has just moved to a new land, Hoenn, with your new Pokemon while your father is already a Gym Leader. You have to go on an adventure to catch all of the Pokemon in the region, which is a challenging task in itself considering the savvy skills and strategy as well as the time, energy and effort required to accomplish the goal. You must also deal with an organized group of crooks whose main goal is to unleash a legendary Pokemon and wreak havoc on the region.

10/10 Replayability

As previously mentioned, the replay value of the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire games is high. You can play them countless number of times with each game resulting in different teams, different moves, and different strategies. Indeed, you will want to play the games over and over again just to challenge yourself, perhaps to prove to your fellow gamers that you’re the best player. 


And with the new EV system, you can create the same team from your previous game and yet your Pokemon stats will always be different! Actually, I can speak from experience as I have played it through a few times but never ever created the same team, no matter how many times and how hard I tried. While I have my favorites, my stats were always considerably different.

While the Play Time varies, the Game Time is approximately 20 hours; the game is considered over when you have beaten the Elite Four, the group of legendary Pokemon champions.  The Elite Four also had a major upgrade that added to the challenge of beating them. You must also be aware that leveling up can be a tedious task requiring a few hours of play time, not to mention that it becomes increasingly difficult near the game’s end.

8/10 New Features

The Effort Value (EV) system makes the Ruby and Sapphire version a unique game, not to mention more challenging and more exciting. No matter your moves, your stats will virtually always be different in every scenario, a change from the previous games. 

Each Pokemon also has its specific EV modifier. Whenever you defeat and capture a certain Pokemon, your Pokemon gains Effort Points from the defeated Pokemon’s highest stat. Keep in mind that four Effort Points are required to advance with one stat point and that you can gather as many as 255 in a single stat.

You may also earn up to 510 Effort Points such that you aren’t allowed to max out everything in your Pokemon’s stats. You can maximize two but you may want to go higher for an even spread.

Aside from the Effort Points, your Pokemon can also have Individual Values (IV), which can range from 1 to 31 with each one affecting the stat by a single point. Here’s how it works. 

Rhydon is endowed with 359 as its maximum attack stat. To get 359, you must have 31 IV and 252 EV during an Attack. This results in an Attack of 359. Let’s assume that Rhydon has a 30 IV, which means that it will result in an Attack of 358, and if it only has 248 Effort Points, it will still be 358 Attack.

Pokemon characters also have their own unique personalities via their personality modifiers that, in turn, affect their stats directly. Emphasis must be made that each personality will have a different impact on the stats. For example, a Pokemon with a brave personality will be endowed with a stronger attack mode but with a slower speed.

Also, a raised stat multiplies it by 100% while a lowered stat multiplies it by 90%. Let’s take Rhydon with its 359 attack stat and a Brave personality, which means that its attack stat has been raised to 395 while its speed is at 160, with the assumption that it has maxed IV or EV.

With the combination of the personality modifiers, IV and EV, you will always get different stats and outcomes. But there’s a flaw in it – you will find that discovering your Hidden Power will be more challenging, if not nearly impossible. Plus, you can forget about calculating the final states because it’s just as nearly impossible, too.

On the upside, the element of surprise more than makes up for these flaws.

Yet another new feature is the contests. Basically, the pocket monsters can eat certain food items in enhancing their intelligence, beauty, cuteness, coolness, and toughness; the moves that the Pokemon learn also have these five types. You have to strategize base on the effectiveness of the moves in battles and in contests – some are weak in battle but strong in contests. For example, Splash scores 6 hearts when it’s used as the last appeal in a round, thus, making it a great Pokemon to use when your own Pokemon is the last in a line.

You can mix and match combos but be sure to plan an effective strategy first. Contests also have numerous facets as the Effort Value system, such that a team with excellent effectiveness in battle may have poor efficiency in contests. 

Another new feature is the 2 vs. 2 battling mode with the moves functioning in a completely different manner. You have be extra careful when choosing moves for the 2 vs. 2 battle as some can hit everyone, some can hit a single target, and some can hit both opponents. Many of the best moves are now dangerous, too, while many may appear powerful but are actually weak.

For example, you have to be careful when using Rhydon’s Earthquake since it will also hit your partner. Explosion has a devastating force that hits everyone although there’s no power cut. Surf hits both opponents except that the damage inflicted is just ½ of the damage down on a single opponent.


You should definitely buy the Ruby and Sapphire versions! There are few ways wherein you can complete the game within a 5-day period yet still enjoy the satisfaction you can get from putting in several hours’ worth of work into building and strengthening your team.



You will not even be spending more than $40 on the game, which means that there’s no sense in renting it for 5-6 times and deal with the hassles.  You can just buy the game, play it whenever you desire, and get the best value for your money. You must, however, be an RPG fan to truly enjoy it especially considering that the number of Pokemon has been reduced from 386 to 202 although many of the favorites are still present. 



Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire are the third generation of the Pokemon series of role-playing games for the Game Boy Advance.

Gameplay is almost the same as in previous games; where player controls the main character of the game from the overhead perspective. Goal of the game is also similar to the previous games where player has to capture all the Pokemon and defeat the Elite four (Pokemon Trainers Group). New features are also added in the game such as Double battles which have two Pokemon who go against two other and some Pokemon abilities have also been increased. This game supports connection of four players at a time instead of two in previous games.

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Game begins with one Pokemon but the player can capture more using Poke Balls. When player is challenged by other trainer to battle or encounters a wild Pokemon, the screen switches to battle screen where Pokemon fight. During the fight, player can use an item and can switch his active Pokemon. Every Pokemon have some hit points (HP) which are when reduced to zero, the Pokemon faints and cannot battle. But if the Pokemon defeats other Pokemon then it is awarded with experience points. These experience points helps in increasing the level and after reaching a certain level, most of the Pokemon evolve into new species of Pokemon.

For capturing wild Pokemon player can make use of Pokeball and if the use is successful then that Pokemon is added to the player’s Pokemon team. The capturing of the Pokemon depends on the strength of the Pokeball used and also on the HP of the target Pokemon.

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