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Pokemon Colosseum, the first Nintendo incarnation of Pokemon RPGs on GameCube - first Poke game that was released on a console other than GAMEBOY. It features a mix of both handheld games as well as stadium games. It is the first 3D game in Pokemon series with an RPG mode in which player can capture some Legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Entei and can transfer them into the Ruby/Sapphire. The game provides a more in-depth storyline and focuses more on the RPG aspects of the game giving its fans lots of battling and monsters. This title fully supports Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Leafgreen and FireRed.

Nintendo GameCube: Great Videogame Console for the Family

If we consider the physical design of Nintendo GameCube, no one might even consider it as a wonderful videogame console. Neither would its sales say much about the impact and appeal that it has to the gamers. But when it comes to the lineup of games, internal specs, and other features, it will surely amaze any avid videogame player.

The Nintendo GameCube was released on 2001.  It was rather unfamiliar with non-Nintendo fans since it was released during the same time Sony did for PlayStation 2. Other than that, it also has an unusual appearance that may not attract much population. It is just a little platform that looks like a lunchbox. Also, it got a purplish shade for its color. At first sight, it really looks like a toy and you might be hesitant about its performance.  But once you got to play with the console, you will be amazed with its speed and performance.

If we compare it with others versions and platforms, with PlayStation 2 to be more specific, it was left behind with around 118 million of products sold.  Sadly, the Nintendo GameCube only sold around 22 million of copies during its entire life; way left behind with its competitors. Aside from this, the platform was also criticized because of some technical abilities that it lacks like the digital output that is vital in competing systems.

GCN was officially targeted for family use. With this in mind, they released the console in hindsight while PlayStation 2 was also making its uproar in the home videogame console industry. This platform was also remarkable since it put an end to the cartridge-based games of Nintendo. Also, it was backed up with amazing internal specs like the Gekko CPU from IBM and Flipper GPU from ATI. Though still needs little enhancements, GCN was also the start of the Wii. It was in this platform that Wii was started to be noticed and enjoyed by players.  lastly and the most amazing feature of this platform, it housed to a fantastic lineup of games like Resident Evil 4, Pikmin 1 and 2, Super Smash Bro, Melee, Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, F-Zero GX, and Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.  Some of these games are even exclusive to the GCN alone.  And other than this, there could be no other distinguishing features that make Nintendo GameCube stands out from the other videogame consoles.

During the time Sony was able to market the very popular PlayStation 2 because of its cool design, Nintendo also managed to produce and sold the GCN to the market in less attention-grabbing scenario. The production of this platform was done in hindsight and for the benefit of Nintendo fans and starters only which can even be considered as a mistake. Despite this fact, this platform is still worth acknowledging for because of the internal specs and lineup of games that it has. With these two features, it is undeniable that Nintendo GameCube is a distinct videogame console that is still worth recognizing for.

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The gameplay is set in the Orre region which consists of barren desert land. The player begins as ‘Wes’ who is able to steal a Snag Machine by which he can now snag Pokemon from other trainers directly in the middle of a battle without the help of any cheat code. He then saves a girl named ‘Rui’, who has the ability to see the aura of a Pokemon and can differentiate between Shadow Pokemon, who have become evil as their hearts have been closed artificially, and normal Pokemon. Now whenever Wes enters a battle, Rui warns him about the Shadow Pokemon and he captures them using the Snag Machine.

This title features a lot of distinct gamelplay from the previous ones. First time, there are no random battles. They are conducted in 2-on-2 format and between trainers only. There are no wild Pokemon.

The new story-driven adventure definitely provides an extra fun and excitement element to the game due to which the game looks better than Pokemon Stadium titles.

Dolphin GameCube emulator for playing Pokemon game on Windows or Linux PC.