N64 Pokemon Emulator

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pokemon puzzle emulatorPokemon Puzzle League, a very popular puzzle game based on the classic Pokemon Panel de Pon, is meant for Nintendo 64 console. This title is unusual in the way that it didn’t release in Japan and is the third game to be completely based on Pokemon Anime after Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Snap.

The game play is almost same as in the Panel de Pon with some added new features. The player plays the role of Ash Ketchum who has been sent by Professor Oak on a journey and wants to become the greatest Pokemon Puzzle Master.

N64 Pokemon Emulator

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He has to achieve this by winning over many characters and trainers from the Anime in style puzzles. In style puzzles, player has to clear the playfield by arranging the blocks in vertical or horizontal lines. The entire playfield keeps on rising because of the stream of new blocks continuously pushing up from the playfield’s bottom. The player can halt the coming up of new blocks for some time by making chains and combinations of blocks. The player will lose when a block will touch the topmost point of the playfield.

Along with the conventional 2D mode, the game includes a new 3D take on Pokemon Panel de Pon where the game is set on a cylinder having a width of 16 blocks as compared to the 6 block width of 2D mode. The game has various gameplay modes which include 1P stadium, Spa service, Time zone, 2P stadium, Marathon, Puzzle University, Professor Oak’s Lab and more.

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