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Pokemon Snap is the first Pokemon game to get its release on Nintendo 64 console. Pokemon Snap is an unusual game as compared to the other Pokemon games in the series. The player assumes the role of Todd Snap, an aspiring young photographer who is appointed by Professor Oak to get the quality photographs of 63 types of Pokemon for a report. These Pokemon are living without any interference by humans on Pokemon Island, a place with diversity in geographic and climatic conditions. Todd takes the help of an amphibious, motorized Zero-One to take photographs while exploring the island riding ‘on rails’ through 7 different environments for different Pokemon.

N64 Pokemon Emulator

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After returning to the lab, Professor Oak examines each picture and gives score. The scoring is done keeping in account the various things such as the size of the Pokemon, its pose whether it is facing you or not, its position in the frame that is, whether it is in centre or not. Pokemon’s poses can be changed using certain items which are provided by Professor Oak as he knows that Zero-one has limited functionalities like apples, pester-balls, Poke-flute and dash-Engine. Each item can grab the attention of a Pokemon due to which it becomes steadier for the photograph. Each of the first six levels contains a ‘Pokemon Sign’ which on being clicked can unlock the seventh level.

The player can also send his favorite photos to Wii Message Board for showing them off to his friends. Over all, the game provides a good blend of fun, originality and creativity to the gamers.

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Description Pokémon Snap

Professor Oak urgently needed high-quality photographs of various types of Pokemon for his research. Who, if not you, a talented amateur photographer, ask for help? And now the camera is ready, and you go on a big adventure to see more new Pokemon and, of course, take first-class shots.

Pokémon Snap - c emulator photographer in the world of Pokemon. Passing the mission, the player will have to photograph oncoming Pokemon. After fixing the first seen species and enter the best work in the catalog. As you progress through the player will receive new items that will help find and shoot an even greater number of Pokemon, even on already completed maps.

Attention. Unfortunately, the game Pokémon Snap cannot go at all 100%, since no known Nintendo 64 emulator is able to emulate all the features of the gaming environment. For this reason, it will not be possible to get to the bonus final level and finish the game, but all other levels are fully accessible. Despite this, Pokémon Snap should not be avoided: the game is full of various secrets, in fact, enchantingly funny moments and indescribable charm. Try it!