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Pokemon Stadium is a strategy game based on RPG style. This game has two versions. One is Pokemon Stadium, which has 42 Pokemon available to battle and another is Pokemon Stadium 2 which has all 151 Pokemon available to battle.

Pokemon Stadium does not have a fixed game plot or story. The game can only advance if the player wins ‘Cups’ in the Stadium and win over the Gym Leader Castle. After completing this, the player has to defeat Mewtwo who will appear in the sky which will unlock the Round 2 of this game in which player has to again win over the Stadium, Gym Leader Castle and finally Mewtwo to finish the game.

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In Stadium mode, one player has to participate in over 80 battles which are divided in 4 Cup tournaments which are Pika Cup, Petit Cup, Poke cup and Prime Cup. This level also contains many other mini-games beside tournaments. There is a Free battle Mode where players can have practice battles. There are also many special places which make the game different like GB Tower, Victory Palace, Battle Now Arena, Event Battle, Gallery, the Pokemon lab and Kids Club.

In Gym Leader Castle, there are eight Gym Leaders from Kanto, the Elite Four and also the Champion which are challenged by the player to complete this level. A prize Pokemon is also given to the player whenever he defeats the Elite Four which can be moved to the Pokemon’s Yellow, Blue or Red game through the Transfer Pak.

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Description Pokémon Stadium 2

You have already been to the new Pokémon stadium from the game Pokémon Stadium 2? Be sure to go and take part in local mind-blowing battles. Fight with regular coaches and try to beat them with your skill. Perhaps you have the courage to challenge even the gym-leaders of the Joto league? And do not worry about Pokemon, because all the representatives of the first and second generations are available here - only 251 pocket monsters. Use the strength of each of them on the battlefield to win even in the most difficult battles. In between battles, relax a bit by playing short, but very fun games with Pokémon.

Pokémon Stadium 2 is a plotless game where you have to defeat other coaches through turn-based battles in the stadium. The player's actions are reduced to the simplest choice of Pokémon for battle, their replacement and the use of attacks, which each pocket monster was originally determined by the system. Experience Pokemon do not get, and therefore do not raise the level, do not learn new attacks. But in Pokémon Stadium 2 has several combat modes. The level of Pokemon of the player, his rivals depends on which of them will be chosen. In addition to the stadium itself, there are other locations in the game: the castle of GIM leaders, the GB tower, the free battlefield, the Pokemon lab, a private room, a poker academy, a mini-games room.

Pokémon Stadium 2 is not much different from the first part, but a few pleasant innovations, not counting a hundred new monsters, are present here. To begin with, it should be noted the improvement of animation and graphics. Further, for beginners, the appearance of a Pokemon academy can be very useful. Here, players can visit the classroom and library. In the first one you can listen to lectures and test your knowledge, and in the second one, you can study in detail many aspects of the poker world.