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Pokemon Black: It Was Worth the Wait - After a long wait and much expectation, Pokemon Black Version and also White is finally here. Pokemon Black review writers have generally been positive about it, pointing out that it is everything that old-time fans have been asking for in a Pokemon game while still being accessible to new players.

Considering that there are now close to 500 varieties of Pokemon, this makes successfully completing the game easier, but capuring all creatures harder.

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pokemon black ds emulatorOne improvement in Pokemon Black that makes it more accessible is that although gameplay is not substantially different from past releases, involving the collection of Pokemon and winning Gym Badges, engaging in Pokemon battles and facing the Elite Four at the end of the game, Pokemon Black and White initially features only new Pokemon.

Only when you finish can you start importing old Pokemon on repeat playthroughs; so if you miss Pikachu, don't worry, you'll see him again.

Pokemon Black emulator version also looks better than past releases, as the 3D settings in DeSmuME DS emulator and No$GBA NDS emulators seem more fully realized this time around. The new land of Isshu, where the game takes place, is also more industrialized than past settings, providing the enjoyable novelty of seeing Pokemon walk around a city for the first time. Adding to the replayability value of the game, Isshu changes seasons every calendar month so that you'll be constantly encountering different Pokemon and landscapes, and can even access different areas depending on the season.

Pokemon Black reviewvers pointed out that these changes have helped revitalize the franchise, making the new releases seem fresh even to seasoned Pokemon fans. In short, Pokemon Black and White is the game that fans have long been demanding, and which Nintendo has finally given them.

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Despite how great Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are, their concepts do not seem enough. They just seem to be checking how the gamers would respond to it and what they would like more from the game. This is the result of the developments done by Gamefreak.

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There were already Pokemon games before that showcased some 3D capabilities, a hint of what the game is capable of delivering. Pokemon Black now has full 3D features. The game though is slightly reminiscent of Super Paper Mario due to the same effect that both games has on the player – that feeling of confusion upon seeing that everything is already very visible on the screen. However, the game’s control aspect is easy to adapt. There are also seasonal applications which can only be used depending on certain seasons. This is a more dynamic game compared to the older games from Pokemon. If you are already used to playing this game, which should only take an hour or two, you will likely be bored with the other games because they would seem too static compared to this one. Moreover, the game developers also gave new abilities to your Pokemon which were not available in previous games. This should be expected to change the online gaming community.


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