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pokemon dungeon emulatorGameplay has not changed a bit since there is still a Red Rescue Team and a Blue Rescue Team. All the players have to do is to make use of the shops found at the Treasure Town so that they would be able to link the moves, purchase different kinds of items, save the money that they have, keep the items that they have, and be able to train with the use of the “maze” levels. In order to complete the missions that they are going to get, the players would have to enter various dungeons. By doing so, they would then come across a Pokémon that is considered to be hostile. If for instance one of the players runs out of life, this team would have to be taken out of the dungeon, and they would also lose the money that they have, and even half of the team’s items would also be taken.

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Similar to the earlier versions of the game, the players would also be able to send SOS if for instance they lose at a particular dungeon, however not all dungeons allow its players to ask for help. This may be done with the use of the passwords that they have or through the Wireless Communications for DS for earlier versions. Now with the use of Wi-Fi connection, players would still be able to send this message more conveniently.

The Game’s New Features

One of the newest features of the series is that it allows the players to help out another friend by simply sending a member of the team and this is only temporary. This implies that the team may now exceed the limit of the number of members in a team, which happen to be 4. If for instance, the team that you currently belong to has been defeated, then you may opt to wait for backup or rescue, and while doing so you may go into an adventure that is in standby mode. By doing this, you may now go back to dungeons that your team has previously gone to and you may also collect other items and increase the amount of money that your team has.

Some items that are new in this series include the treasure boxes and in order for you to open these boxes, your team would have to use money so that you may get the uncommon items that you would get inside it. But one should take note that the rare items would on work on selected kinds of Pokémon. Apart from that, it may also be put to good use by exchanging it or trading it with an item which may be considered as more valuable or rarer. Thanks to the new and improved items, you may now utilize it for methods that would entail a new kind of evolution and this is not able to translate well on the different main series of the Mystery dungeon.

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