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Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team are basically similar games for Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS respectively. Gameplay and features of both games are almost similar but Pokemon Blue is taking advantage of the better graphics and dual screen features as it is played on Nintendo DS.

Game begins with the player as a human who has turned into a Pokemon. Starting Pokemon can be chosen from the list of 16 Pokemon which is decided by a series of question at the beginning of game. Partner’s Pokemon is also chosen by the player from ten different Pokemon. When player finds that he’s a Pokemon then he will meet his partner who also happens to be a Pokemon. If player opts to play as boy then his partner cannot be the same type of Pokemon.

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Player and his partner form a rescue team after successfully rescuing Caterpie. After a successful battle, Pokemon have a good chance of joining rescue team if the player owns that Pokemon’s Friend Area. Rescue points can also be earned which increases the team’s rank.Size of the player’s Pokemon team is restricted to six so if player already has six Pokemon in his party he cannot add more Pokemon.

Game consists of many mission jobs which can be found on the bulletin board. Job can be rescuing a Pokemon, delivering items or escorting clients. On successful completion of a job player receives an award. The player can wield a number of items like Gummis which are exclusive to Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon and also berries, TM taken from standard games.

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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

Wake up in the middle of the forest in the body of a Pokemon. I wonder what it is? You know this feeling more than well because you have all felt in your own skin, turning from person to Pokemon. How to be now? What to do? Where to look for answers? Is it even possible to bring everything back? Perhaps you will ever understand everything, but for now, you will have to get used to the new life, the life of the Pokemon.

The first game of the series Pokemon Mystery Dungeon offers not to catch and train Pokemon, as usual, but sets another task - to take the place of a wild pocket monster and look at the world with his eyes. The definition of a Pokemon, on behalf of which the story of the story goes, depends on the result of the survey, preceding the game. The main actions take place in various dungeons, where the player must perform certain tasks, simultaneously collecting all sorts of objects, berries, and fighting with evil Pokémon.