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Pokemon Platinum comes as the third installment in Diamond and Pearl series for Nintendo DS.

The game contains Giratina as its star Pokemon who is shown in its exclusive Origin Forme, as revealed in the Pokemon: Giratina and the Sky Warrior. The basic gameplay is same as in Diamond/Pearl including the Pal Park Migration, Wi-Fi connectivity and Sinnoh region but there are lots of new features added to it.

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In the beginning of the game’s story, it is shown that the climate of Sinnoh region has become colder due to the opening of Mt. Coronet which is called as a portal to the ‘Distortion World’. Distortion world is an area where the normal physical laws have no meaning. New dresses are assigned to trainers and player to match with the colder climate. In addition to this, the ‘Shaymin’ Pokemon has a new form called as ‘Sky Forme’ which involves both Grass and Flying form. When this Sky Form Shaymin Pokemon is transferred to Diamond/Pearl, it regains its Land Forme. In Platinum, it can be changed to its Land Forme by the use of a flower called as Gracidea Flower which is initially a locked item in the game.

Also, Battle Frontiers are re-introduced in the game. There are new 60 types of Pokemon available in the Sinnoh Dex which causes a big change in the original gameplay and the training journey. Wi-Fi features have become more advanced. There is a new Wi-Fi plaza where a player can randomly play Mini games and interact with other players.

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Pokemon Platinum Version: An Entirely Different Game

The Pokemon Platinum version is the third of its kind in the newest region's games, as is the case with the Yellow, Crystal and Emerald versions. Except for small changes in the story and a few new activities, there aren't many changes in the third version in comparison with the first two versions. But such a trend has been broken with Platinum, which is so different from the previous versions that it feels and looks like a completely different game instead of being a third version. 

Story: 8/10

The story is the newest version's most significant change. In it, two new characters are introduced – Charon, an enigmatic Team Galactic Admin as well as Looker, a secret agent conducting an investigation into Team Galactic's activities – that add to the game's interesting story.

Even Cyrus has more character depth, a far cry from his boring DP character, since he's not just a leader but a leader with great speaking skills used in his effective brainwashing of his followers. He's also a selfish and deceptive character, a must because of his plans of creating a New World with the powers of Dialag and Palkia at his disposal.

Giratina, however, has the most significant change in its story. In DP, Giratina was a catchable creature he was a boring character because it didn't have such an interesting backstory – and it was true with Rayquaza in RS. In this version, Giratina is the star attraction – it shows up when Cyrus tries controlling Dialga and Palkia and, in response, it creates a Distortion World portal; Distortion World is an enigmatic 3D realm. This interesting story outweighs the DP's disappointing plot.

Music: 10/10

The music and sound effects are largely similar to DP. But several new tracks were also added with Giratina's battle theme as among the best in handheld Pokemon games. Of course, Mirror B's Pokemon XD music is better, hands down. The Regi Trio Theme, which is a great remix from RSE, is also great music.

Replayability: 10/10

Even after winning the game, you will always find something exciting to do. First, the Battle Frontier consists of five battle facilities with each facility having its own rules. These are the Battle Tower, which involves straightforward battles between Pokemon; the Battle Factory, which only allows the use of rental Pokemon; the Battle Arcade, which requires half luck and half skill since a roulette wheel can determine your fate (i.e., crushing defeat or glorious victory); the Battle Hall, which allows battles with your favorite Pokemon; the Battle Castle, which has higher risks for defeat because your Pokemon will not be healed when injured.

By winning these battles, you will acquire experience points. You can spend these experience points on a wide range of items, such as things that can be used to see your rival's Pokemon before a battle. Since you will also need these points in healing your Pokemon, you have to use them wisely so as to succeed in the Battle Frontier.

Second, the Great Marsh offers plenty of uncommon Pokemon that you can capture and train. Since the roster of pocket monsters change on a daily basis, you will always be kept on your toes. You will also find it challenging to complete the Pokedex on this game but with hard work, you have a chance of doing so. 

Third, this version has new pocket monsters that weren't in DP – or at least, sort of. For example, Giratina was given a new Origin Forme, which was the form it had in Distortion World. You can only get a Giratina Origin Forme without being in Distortion World is through giving up a Griseous Orb that, in turn, can only be acquired by returning to the Distortion World after winning at the game. 

Pokemon Shaymin, an event Pokemon, also has a new form. Its Sky Forme is known for being a powerful and fast special attacker while its Serene Grace ability will amaze opponents.

Rotom also comes in five new forms, which are collectively known as Rotom Appliances with each form having a signature move and base stats. These five appliances include a washing machine that can use Hydro Pump; a lawn mower that can use Leaf Storm; a fan with the ability to use Air Slash, a toaster with its Overheat ability; and a refrigerator with access to Blizzard. Sadly, you will be unable to use any of these Pokemon in the Battle Frontier and in Wi-Fi battles. 

Final Score: 10/10

The bottom line: This is the best game in the Pokemon series so far. The Platinum version has sufficient content that distinguishes it from Diamond and Pearl – and you have to buy it now!