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Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia on PC

pokemon ranger shadows emulatorPokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia is an action / RPG and successor to the original Pokemon Ranger game for Nintendo DS. The game comprise of 270 Pokemon including new Pokemon from Diamond/Pearl which were not present in the original Pokemon Ranger game.

The game is set in the Almia region which has a varied climate from hot deserts to chilly valleys. The player begins as a rookie ranger who has just graduated. The player is given the option of choosing the gender of their character and also their partner Pokemon which does not depend on each other. The player can also choose their partner Pokemon from 17 available Pokemon.

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The game play is almost same as in Pokemon Ranger with some minor changes. The player has to capture a Pokemon by looping them with a stylus called as ‘Capture Styler’. Earlier, the Pokemon needs to be circled without lifting the stylus but this time, the stylus can be lifted to avoid the attacks from Pokemon. However, if the stylus is lifted for too long, the power of the Friendship Gauge starts decreasing.

This title also contains a new feature called Quests, which are mini-games not necessary to complete the basic storyline. These Quests help the player to earn new power-ups for the styler to make it more resistant to wild Pokemon’s attacks. Shadows of Almia features 4 types of stylers - School, Capture, Fine and Vatonage, each with some unique features.

This title, with its minor improvements gives a more in-depth experience to the gamer and keeps its quick pace intact.

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Ranger: Shadows of Almia DS Emulators on Android phones and iPhone work great because of the similar touchscreen input. On the other hand Windows PC and Mac emulators are faster are have better compatibility.

Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia

They are valiant defenders of wildlife and Pokemon. They are always ready to help everyone who is in trouble. These guys are strong, agile and fearless. They never use Pokeballs - the real professionals in their field. Yes, Pokemon Rangers are again on the path of environmental protection and world peace. You are waiting for hundreds of cool Pokemon, complex, but no less interesting, missions and tasks, unimaginable obstacles that only a poker ranger can cope with.

The gameplay of this game is not much different from Pokemon Ranger. Here you also need to perform various missions, where you will definitely need the main feature of the Pokemon Ranger - “Capture Styler”. With this device, poker rangers tame wild Pokemon for a short period of time and, using their special abilities, perform their missions. However, this time the “capture” method has slightly changed: now you can tame the Pokémon in several moves, not in one, as it was in Pokemon Ranger. In addition, there were fourth-generation Pokemon, and many new useful features were introduced.