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Pokemon Ranger is a role playing games developed for the Nintendo DS video game console. It is compatible with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl which allows players to transfer the egg of the legendary Pokemon Manaphy.

Game is set in Fiore region and the objective of the game is to travel all over the land of Fiore and to capture all 213 Pokemon using Nintendo DS touch screen through a stylus. A female protagonist is also introduced in the game named Solana. The resident crime organization of the Fiore region is Go-Rock squad whose aim is to replace the rangers by capturing the legendary Pokemon Raikou, Suicune, and Entei.

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Instead of using Poke Balls, players use a device called Capture Styler (controlled by stylus) to capture Pokemon.  Game consists of 10 main missions with three sub-missions. Only Pokemon which doesn’t leave the player is a Minun if the player chooses the male hero or Pulse if the player chooses female hero.

To temporarily capture a Pokemon, player has to loop the Pokemon with styler a definite no of times. Player can use this temporary Pokemon to do many tasks like cutting, tackling, blowing water, shooting fire and can also be used to enhance the styler’s loop line e.g. if a water Pokemon is selected to help in capturing a new Pokemon, a temporary bubble is produced by styler to immobilize the target which prevents it from attacking and fleeing.  A quick save option is also provided as sometimes save port cannot be found or can be too far away.

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Emulate DS Pokémon Ranger on PC ans Mac. Android phones and iPhone are great for DS games because of the similar touchscreen input.

Pokemon Ranger

Fayor is a quiet, calm and very small region. Unique Pokemon in this place are not found, but there are pocket monsters from the areas of Kanto, Joto, and Hanna. Coaches Fayor region is also not famous, because they are simply not there. And nobody uses Pokeballs. If the locals give birth to Pokémon, it is only as pets who live indoors or on the street. This is where you will begin your work as a poke ranger. And all because of the fact that even in such a nondescript corner of the world there are villains. The local is called the team Go - Rock. And you, as a Pokemon Ranger, will not only have to help civilians and Pokemon but also deal with the tricks of criminals, simultaneously developing your special skills of a poke ranger.

Pokemon Ranger - a game for the Pokemon Ranger. The hero will have to go through more than a dozen missions to rescue Pokemon, eliminate natural disasters and more. For all the plot time, the player will never have to catch a Pokemon in a Pokeball, but instead, there is another ranger ability that will allow to “capture” a wild Pokemon for a short time period. This is possible thanks to a special device - the “capture styler”. It is used by all the poker rangers, because of which they can cope with almost any obstacle. In Pokemon Ranger contains more than two hundred Pokemon of the first, second and third gene, which can be “captured” and take advantage of their special skills.

Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs

Being a coach is not easy, but it is even more difficult for poker rangers. Nature and Pokemon need protection, and who, if not the Rangers will be able to protect them from evil and chaos. This time your missions will take place on the islands of the Oblivia region. The trouble, in the face of the organization of criminals, threatens the peace and security of the area, and only you, a strong, experienced Ranger, can save the locals and save them from this misfortune, while the villains have not done anything wrong.

Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs - another a game Ranger series. From her two predecessors went not very far, and her gameplay is almost no different. There is the same goal: to complete various missions, resorting to the support of wild Pokemon. Yes, here pocket monsters are not caught by Pokeballs, but tamed for a short time with the help of a special device - the “capture styler”. The matter is difficult, but the more practice, the higher the level of the player, and the more improvements become open.