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pokemon ranger ds emulatorGet Excited About the Series Again. When news of the fifth generation Pokemon Black and White Version games first broke in January of 2010, fans were excited by the announcement that some aspects of the franchise would be revamped, since the general feeling was that the series had started to become a little stale. Well, now that the games are finally here, the reaction of those who have posted a Pokemon White online is that the game is a definite improvement over recent releases, and is also sure to attract new fans to the series.

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Apart from the fact that the new Pokemon White game look really good, with more fully-rendered 3D landscapes, improved attack graphics and camera effects, players also love the new wireless multi-player features, such as the High Link mode that allows them to link their consoles over Wi-Fi so they can work together on missions and help each other out, as well as the Pass By mode that allows them to send data along with other copies of the game when they're not playing. And of course, there's the much talked-about Video Chat mode that allows up to four players to chat at once and even doodle on each other's faces.

As for the gameplay, Pokemon White players have pointed out that it is pretty much what you'd expect from a Pokemon game, except for two notable features: only new Pokemon will be included in the initial playthrough, and you can only unlock the ability to import old Pokemon by first successfully completing the game, and the Isshu region, where the game takes place, will see monthly seasonal changes that result in constantly changing landscapes as well as Pokemon. After playing the White Version game, Pokemon fans old and new agree: its time to get excited about the series again.

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Do you still remember your experience with first Pokemon games Red, Blue and Yellow? The Pokemon franchise is a sweet part of many people’s childhood or even adulthood. I think you would not easily forget about Blue, Red, Gold or Crystal from the game before. Now, if you hear Pokemon, you can expect to see a nice flashback of all the warm and loving memories during childhood. Even if you may have enjoyed D/P/P and R/S/E as truly fun games, you also need to recognize the fact that Pokemon games also have their fair share of programming and the ambition to get the recognition due for the game series. This is when Pokemon Black and White. However, I cannot say that I am still the biggest fan of the game, given how many of their installments have failed. There were stories swirling around about the game developers have come up with innovations that should surprise us. It took me these rumors to give in to my curiosity about what Pokemon could possibly do for me. After trying it, I should say that it was a good call for me to buy this installment.

I was able to try the innovations referred to in the rumors before their launching. However, it would be too much to expect that you will see the game much like a Final Fantasy installment. The game is still so Pokemon in that you will collect Pokemon, fight Gym Leaders, duel with the Elite 4. However, there are also differences that start with the story. You will not be given a rival but two peer trainers who will also be your best friends. Each best friend has unique personalities and owns up to a character that impacts the plot of the game. This is far from the rival character of a kid who just sneers around the entire game. The Team Plasma, which plays the rival, is also motivated politically and is less evil than the enemies in the past. These are small changes to the story, but it still goes a long way in steering the story all throughout the game.

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