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Later this year Nintendo has decided to release a new DSi console called DSi XL (USA, Europe) and called DSiLL in Japan. It will feature an extra large screen, but other than that will play the same Pokemon DS games and DSiWare like the older versions. Looks like the new XL is targeted at the older people or those who want to use it at home with friends looking over your shoulder, but in my opinion they are lacking one major feature and that is TV OUT port and TV connection cable for the DSi XL ...

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Nintendo’s Pokemon games aren’t exactly known for the quality of its graphics but I have to say that the graphics in the Diamond and Pearl versions are absolutely fantastic! The attention to detail in the graphics in comparison with the previous version is, indeed, a considerable improvement. 

The Overworld is largely similar to the Pokemon games on Gameboy Advance. But there’s a difference – the 2D buildings and landmarks in previous games were transformed to become 3D in appearance, a truly unbelievable transformation.

Sadly, the battles have remained in sprite form while the battle scenes are still average in quality. The whole upgrade, nonetheless, with the environments, buildings and landmarks are just awesome with their fantastic appearance.  Every Pokemon also have new sprites, which means that even the old Pokemon characters have a fresh new look about them.

While the menus are still relatively simple, as is the case with all Pokemon versions, the touchscreen menu is known for being user-friendly especially in making all of the buttons on it thumb-friendly. This means that the buttons are all quite big so you will have reduced chances of pressing anything by accident.

Every single item in the game also has a picture, which can be a good thing except that some of the items appear stupid, to say the least. For example, Arceus requires certain plates in order to change its typing but their pictures are just squares in different colors, not to mention that these look lame. 

All the people in the Pokemon world continue to be sprites, as is the case in the old games. Thus, while the buildings, landmarks and environments appear fantastic, the sprites look weird.

Fortunately, these are minor negatives in the overall scheme of things so the Pokemon gaming experience is still one of the best. 



The elements made famous in the Red, Blue, Yellow versions, the Gold, Silver, Crystal versions, and the Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald versions have been continued in the Diamond and Pearl albeit with one difference – these elements have evolved. Other things that are basically the same are the battle rules and basic gameplay although emphasis must also be made that many things have returned and many things were also added. You use the Directional Pad while walking around that, in turn, has a B button for running faster, an X is for the menu, and an A is for action while an item set to the Y button can be used by pressing it.

You will also find a new item known as Poketch, a watch that your virtual character wears; it’s located on the bottom part of the screen flashed when you’re running around the Overworld. You can use the Poketch for a wide range of purposes, thanks to its various channels. A few of these channels include a calendar, a timekeeper, a step counter, and a timer with many of these channels actually useful for certain tasks (e.g., the step counter can be used in hatching eggs).

During battle, there are plenty of things that can be done. You can attack and catch Pokemon using Potions and Pokeball as well as get away from wild Pokemon, among others. You will find that the battles are still the turn-based system used in RPG games, which works perfectly fine.

Every Pokemon has six stats, namely, Attack, Defense, Hit Points (HP), Special Defense, Special Attack, and Speed. For this reason, whatever moves your Pokemon learns from you as its trainer will be reflected on its stats.

As an example, Hitmochan possesses massive Attack stats but has low Special Attack stats. If you teach your Pokemon Special Attack moves, it will likely not do any damage to the pocket monster you’re fighting. 

There are 24 types of Pokemon with each Pokemon having just one or two types. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses, which you have to use to your own advantage. Examples include Water defeats Fire that, in turn, can defeat Grass while Grass itself can beat Water. You should use a move that corresponds to your Pokemon’s type and, thus, allow it to inflict more damage on the enemy. 

You will also likely run into wild Pokemon, usually in the tall grasses, caves, and water bodies, while you’re in the Overworld. You can also be captured by another trainer, which means a one-on-one battle but since these battles aren’t too difficult, the odds are in your favor in the sense that becoming the winner becomes easier.

After beating a trainer and his Pokemon, you will be rewarded with Pokedollars that can be used in purchasing items from the shop. You can also bring your injured Pokemon to a Pokecenter where it can be healed; every town has a Pokecenter so it’s also relatively easy to heal injured Pokemon.

The Diamond and Pearl version also provides several items that can be used for specific purposes. You will find items that can be used to repel wild Pokemon, make your Pokemon better, and heal your Pokemon, as well as items that can make Pokemon hold items, ride a bike, and battle old trainers, among others. 

The touchscreen works perfectly during the battles. You will find that the touchscreen also features big buttons that can be used for using items, changing Pokemon, attacking Pokemon, and running away from wild Pokemon. You can utilize the directional pad in choosing your preferred activities but the touchscreen is the easy-to-use option than the directional pad.

Your Pokemon gains experience points after winning over another Pokemon as well as gain more points when defeating a more powerful Pokemon. Your Pokemon will level up after accumulating sufficient experience points and, as it levels up, it will also learn more powerful moves and evolve into a more powerful Pokemon.

The bottom line: The Diamond and Pearl versions have the best gameplay, even perfect gameplay. Thus, you will find it to be a game that you can play for several hours each day.

Replay Value

The Diamond and Pearl versions have plenty of things that can be done even after the Elite Four has been beaten. You can, for example, collect all of the 493 Pokemon by migration – just insert your old Pokemon game into the Nintendo DS’ GBA slot.

You have to proceed to Pal Park and retrieve your Pokemon by capturing them using Pokeballs, a great addition to the game. You can, after all, still use the Pokemon you have trained in the other games in the Diamond and Pearl versions.

The ability to engage people in online battles is also a great addition – just get your friend codes and set it up in a Pokecenter’s basement. You can also perform online Pokemon trades although these can only be done with friends, as well as trade Pokemon in Jubilife City’s Global Trade Center. You can also post a Pokemon for trading with people who want it taking it.

On a big island, you will find a Trainer Tower where you can proceed after beating the Elite Four. You have to remember that your Pokemon will not gain experience points during these battles regardless of the number of battles engaged in.

Overall - Outstanding

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are undoubtedly the best games in the series, even beating Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. These are notable for their 40-hour main story, touchscreen controls, 3D environments, and Wi-Fi battling as well as the ability for transferring old Pokemon games to GBA.