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With Nintendo DS Multi-Game Cartridge, One Nintendo DS Game Cart is all You need as it can hold approximately 100 games in 1 cart. For example you can select a multicart with all the PoKeMoN and Mario games in 1 multi game cartridge. Order at DS

How do you plan to have your Nintendo DS Multi Game Cartridge? Will you need to have another Nintendo DS console to accommodate the cartridge with multiple games? Actually not. All you need is the same Nintendo DS console for you already have to play with your Nintendo DS MultiGame Cartridge. This new and improved type of cartridge is not built to become a choosy one. The company always looks out after your welfare as the customer. If you want to enjoy, you can do so with multiple games without having to worry too much about your cost. Buy DS & DSi multi cartridges

Another thing is that wherever you bought your Nintendo DS gaming console, this will not affect the performance of your Multi Game Cartridge even if it was bought in another country. There is no region coding for your Nintendo Multi Game Cartridges and Nintendo DS console. The cartridges that you bought in Japan can be used on a Nintendo DS console that you bought within the United States.

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Best Pokemon Games all-in-one cartridge

You need not restrict yourself in buying a certain Multi Game Cartridge within a certain country because your Nintendo DS console was bought from there.

When it is time to play, the console will not even demand to have other accessories or other software for your Multi Game Cartridge to run on the console, despite the differences in the country where you bought them. All you need to do is to insert your Nintendo DS MultiGame Cartridge into your console and then get on with your games.

If it is to your interest to buy different Multi Game Cartridges from all over the world, you can do so and still go to your US home to play with your US-originated console. The only exception to this is when you buy Multi Game Cartridges from China. This is because you will need to have a console that has a language extension that can accommodate the Chinese language.

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* Nintendo DS PoKeMoN Multi-Game cartridges •
One such NDS multicart can contain many full version DS games. Save games and linking work just like on the single-game carts.


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All Pokemon, Mario and Sonic games from DS, Gameboy and NES in one Multi Cartridge!