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pokemon battle revolution emulatorPokemon Battle Revolution is the first Wii game which uses Nintendo Wi-Fi connection and can wirelessly communicate with Nintendo DS.

Pokemon Battle Revolution features a new land called Poketopia which comprise of 11 different Colosseums, each with special effects and change to the normal play. There are 8 levels of difficulty for Colosseum to test the player’s skills. As the game advances, the Pokemon available to the player becomes more powerful. The player also has Poke-Coupons which can be spent to stylize the player’s appearance like his clothes, hair and skin color can be changed. To top it off, each Pokemon also has much more diverse moves and animation graphics.

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Also, each player can transfer his acquired Pokemon to DS games through a special feature called Mystery Gift and can also purchase some special items like evolution items and Technical Machines etc.

It is also the first Pokemon title which can be played online on Wii console with your friends. It has 2 multiplayer modes. First is Battle with a Friend in which the player can connect to his friend’s battle area with a DS by entering a 12-digit friend code, different from the console number of Wii and then both can battle online. Other is Battle with Someone in which the player can battle against a randomly chosen opponent who is also online.

Though Pokemon Battle Revolution lacks some features of its predecessors, its single player mode has a deceptive in-depth game play which truly challenge the player as a trainer and test his skills.

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Pokémon Battle Revolution

The continuation of the Stadium series and its unique continuation based on the Wii. Pokémon Battle Revolution presents 11 battle arenas with unique battle rules. This Poketopia, a famous amusement park. Choose Pokemon, defeat rivals, leaders of the "Colosseum", get rewards, improve the skin and buy useful items. It's time to become the champion of Poketopia.

Pokémon Battle Revolution was developed by the same company that worked on Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness. Only here there is no plot, and the essence of the game lies in the battles in the arenas. In the beginning, the player chooses the floor, on which the drop-down starters depend. All Pokemon in the game are at level 50. All this makes the version of Pokémon Battle Revolution very similar to the games of the Stadium series, where the player’s sole purpose was to step-by-step duels without history.

Functionally, the Military Revolution, the translation of the name, is not far from this. Because of this, the Pokémon Battle Revolution game was crushed by critics: graphics, single-player and multiplayer modes, lack of diversity. There were also positive moments: the connection with the games of the fourth generation of the franchise and the loading of Pokemon from the Nintendo DS versions on the Wii, the implementation of online battles with friends and occasional players.