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Let Pokemon X Surprise And Impress You

Not since Nintendo released the original games – Red and Blue – more than a decade ago have I been so impressed and surprised by the Pokemon franchise. This is a commonly held statement heard among avid Pokemon gamers for good reason!  

Pokemon X has several good things going for it. These include the Pokemon models becoming the unexpected stars of the show, the creative Generation 6 starter designs, and the more unique type combinations as well as the more convenient trading and battling systems because of the easy-to-use online features, the mega evolutions, and the roller skates. Gamers also rave about the large cities, creative camera angles, and the nods to the Red and Blue versions – truly, one of the few games in the Pokemon series with the most number of changes!

But Pokemon X also has its bad elements. These include its underwhelming visual aspect although the Pokemon models are fantastic, the all too familiar formula, and the low-resolution quality of the 3D animation taking so much away from its art direction. 

The sixth generation of the wildly successful Nintendo videogame franchise has finally been released! Ladies and gents, welcome Pokemon X and Y.

While the 3DS already have a few Pokemon games and apps launched for it, the X and Y versions are the first ever entry from the games’ main series. Nintendo also made a marketing coup when it simultaneously released the Japanese and English versions, which also proved to be a boon to Pokemon fans.

The videogame titan was also incredibly secretive regarding any and all kinds of information about X and Y prior to their release, which contributed to the increased sense of anticipation and wonder among the fans. Many questions about the appearance of the pocket monsters, even the possibility of a horde, and the number of starter Pokemon characters a gamer will receive circulated among the fans. These questions fueled the anticipation among the fans, not to mention that the X and Y versions are among the first games in the franchise where the decision about the value of each Pokemon was in the fans’ hands.

Since most of the Pokemon data was unavailable at the time of writing, it contributed to making the actual gaming experience more enjoyable. The Pokemon X and Y versions, after all, represent the biggest quality and quantity of change to ever happen in the franchise.

The 3D Pokemon models have received mixed reviews – while these are the games’ highlights, many of their visuals appear bad in comparison with the visuals in other 3DS games. Also, the formula has largely remained unchanged from its predecessors, which can be a blessing and a curse.

The battles are better than in the predecessors, both in look and feel.

The new 3D Pokemon models used in the battle scenes are by far the best thing about the sixth generation in the franchise. In previous versions, my team of pocket monsters never really felt like these were mine in the sense that I didn’t develop an emotional attachment with them. This is true despite the fact that I captured, raised and battled with them as well as traded them with my fellow gamers. 

I was also the owner, so to speak, of many types of Pokemon, a few of them of which I actually enjoyed using in battles. But Pokemon X and Y made a difference in the gaming experience because it foster a sense of closeness with your pocket monsters. For this reason, whenever I capture a new Pokemon, I look forward to using it in battle!  Plus, the animations and 3D models give the battle scenes and the series so much life that playing is such fun.

The gamer is also provided with a Kanto Pokemon starter, a throwback from the original games. Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle are just a few of the beloved pocket monsters in the series and, as many gamers will agree, it was a thrill to watch their evolutions and battle animations become better. 

While the Pokemon models have a great quality to them, many of the close-ups and environments have poor quality in relation to the entire system, not to mention that the low resolution on the 3D hurts the game. Of the dozens of games, Super Mario 3D and Resident Evil Revelations are two of the prime examples of games on the opposite ends of the graphics standpoint, aside from showcasing the capacity of 3Ds from the graphical standpoint.



Pokemon X appears to have an identity crisis, graphics-wise. On one hand, you have a beautiful game with great graphics but on the other hand, you have a game bordering on the ugly. As I previously mentioned, the low resolution screens of the 3DS makes it more challenging to determine what you’re actually looking at. Faces as well as caves and buildings all have extremely pixelated looks, for example.

While these aspects don’t take too much away from the play value of the game, it must also be said that the hardware can look dated when used on smartphones, tablets and computers.

The online element has been completely redone with plenty of easy-to-use features.

If you conducted an informal survey among average Pokemon fans regarding their preferred changes in the series, among the common answers will likely be the ability to battle and trade with fellow players worldwide. While the Nintendo DS had this capability, it wasn’t up to par with other online gaming systems, no thanks to its basic nature coupled with its inconvenient features.

The Pokemon X and the Y versions introduced worldwide interactions in the system and, in the process, made the gaming experience so much more social than in previous games. This was also made possible with the use of 3DS hardware.

Each player has the opportunity to conduct online trades with random players, interact with friends, post updates, participate in mini-surveys, battle with others, and give O powers to themselves and to others, among others. Emphasis must be made that the Pokemon received from random trades is also random while the O powers are bonuses that players use for a variety of purposes, such as capture rates and effect base stats. 

But there’s a downside to the new online system. You will be disconnected from your online account when you close your 3DS, which can be annoying in many instances. When you’re connected online, you can see every connected player since their profile and message pops up on the screen’s bottom part, as well as interact with your friends. Since I close my 3DS frequently, especially when writing reviews, it was such an inconvenience to keep reconnecting although it must also be said that it’s a minor issue not likely to affect most players.

Mega Evolutions and Trading

Aside from providing each player with a starter Pokemon, Game Freak also provided players with the means of evolving their starter Pokemon at a faster rate. Known as Mega Evolutions, the feature initially sounded like a bizarre element but, fortunately, it was introduced in a manner that neither feels like these slow down the system nor feel like these don’t belong.

Basically, Mega Evolutions work with Pokemon from Generation 1 but these also work with Lucario, among other pocket monsters. You, the player, will be given the tools in achieving these fast-paced evolutions as well as a staged tutorial that, after its completion, will result in your training wheels being removed, so to speak.

You are only allowed one Mega Evolution in each battle, a method implemented by Game Freak to prevent players from abusing the feature. Despite the limitation, you will find that it can sometimes drastically change the strategy, flow and results of the battle. For example, Charizard can become a flying type or a fire type, as well as become a Dragon type during evolution.

Thus, Mega Evolutions may initially seem a bit strange but if Game Freak can control it well, then the feature can be used in future versions.

I’d also like to discuss trading once I have already discussed the new features on Pokemon X.

Other than on the Red and Blue versions, I haven’t actually conducted many trading activities in the franchise. There are times when I’d conduct a trade between two of my Nintendo DS systems, which can be beneficial, but because of the archaic nature of the online features, I’m not exactly a fan. 

The entire process just seemed like a pain in the butt from going online, finding a fellow player to trade with, and going to a Pokemon Center to interacting with fellow players online. With Pokemon X and Y, thankfully, its trading system is just so enjoyable.

There are three major ways of trading. First, you can trade Pokemon with your friends list, a straightforward and streamlined process that contributes to your positive gaming experience.

Second, you can avail of the Wonder Trade, a fun and unique system but it must also be emphasized that it’s completely dependent on the presence of a strong community. You can pick a Pokemon from your team for trading purposes but you have to remember the catch – the Pokemon received on a Wonder Trade is random. This means that none of the players involved in the trade will know beforehand the Pokemon that they will receive, which can be fun and hilarious at times. The trading isn’t designed to replace the current trading system.

Third, you have the GTS, the final part of trading. This is just an amazing feature resulting in a simple, safe and quick trading between players who can post their Pokemon preferences and the Pokemon they’re willing to trade for them.


It only takes a minute or so list a Pokemon for trading while breeders must ensure that the desired pocket monsters, especially the rare ones, are actually on the market. In a joke, I listed a Pidget and asked for a Squirtle, the latter of which I required for my team and, in the next day, a fellow player made the trade. Battling and trading have likewise been revamped with the online community being so much better for it. 

Review Recap

+ 3D models for the pocket monsters
+ Fast and easy online battling and trading
+ Unique combos of types
+ Significant improvements made
-  Low resolution
-  Familiar formula

Recommendation: Buy it now!

You have to buy Pokemon X whether you’re a casual gamer or a die-hard veteran of the franchise.



“Gotta Catch ‘Em All” is a tag line that is quite famous among gamers especially those who are familiar with the Pokemon franchise. The latest pair of games in the Pokemon series is the Pokemon X & Y, actully the 6th generation of the Pokemon titles. In addition, Pokemon X & Y also mark the very first Nintendo 3DS exclusive Pokemon games that no lenger work on NDS.

While the new game shares the same basic game story, Pokemon X has new more unique and amazing features. For the very first time ever, the game can be viewed and played in full 3D. With 3D view, players can move more freely and the game appears more realistic.

Even the battles in Pokemon X emulator are animated in 3D so you can witness the fire shooting from Charizard’s mouth and see Pikachu unleashing his thunder wave attack in an amazing way. However, since physically biting or punching each other is not child-friendly, you still can’t see those acts in Pokemon X or Y version.

At the moment there is NO WORKING emulator for 3DS 【3D MODE】 Games. I will update this part as soon as a real emulator for 3DS is released.

Emu Development progress:

【DS MODE】 can be emulated using several well established emulators. DeSmuME, No$GBA, DasShiney, DuoS DSEMU

【Hardware Emu】 Pokemon cartridge format has been successfully copied and backups of the game can be payed from a blank flash card with most features like save games etc working, but no Internet support.

【3DS MODE】 - work in progress...

At the moment there is NO WORKING emulator for 3DS 【3D MODE】 Games. I will update this part as soon as a real emulator for 3DS is released.

Emu Development progress:

【DS MODE】 can be emulated using several well established emulators. DeSmuME, No$GBA, DasShiney, DuoS DSEMU

【Hardware Emu】 Pokemon cartridge format has been successfully copied and backups of the game can be payed from a blank flash card with most features like save games etc working, but no Internet support.

【3DS MODE】 - work in progress...

Don't be fooled by the fake sites offering you to download files as soon as you fill out surveys or pay for a download -- all they want is to make some $ from people like you filling out paid surveys and the files are all fake. Even if you think you have the emulator and all you are missing is the elusive BIOS file, know that you have been tricked. Youtube videos mostly are doctored so that the OP opens a supposed game file which in fact is a gameplay Video file and than he pretends to be playing the game...

And do not expect the first REAL 3DS emulator to come with no bugs and perfect graphic rendering straight from the start. That is another sign to easily spot the fakes - they all seem to work 100% perfect. Perfect graphics and sound and all the features supported = too good to be true.

Even DS emulators are not perfect and they have been arround for 10 years now!

Pokemon X 3D Game

Pokemon 3DS gameplay Review

Any Pokemon game enthusiast can tell you exactly how the basic story in any Pokemon X game goes. You usually begin as a girl or boy living in a small town and your adventure begins once you select your first Pokemon from the local Professor. Of course, as a hero you want to stand out and be the best Pokemon trainer there is. In your quest you travel from small towns to huge cities, across oceans and through caves while battling other trainers and developing a strong connection with the Pokemon you get hold of and train. In the Pokemon X & Y, you will be traveling around the Kalos region as you help Professor Sycamore learn more about the Mega Evolutions and of course you will be catching and training Pokemon in the process.

In terms of save system, you will discover that the new game involves a simple save button press unlike in the previous games where the saving process request would take a while to be granted. Furthermore, the Kalos region seems so much bigger that the other worlds found in the Pokemon universe. In the Kalos region, players can explore more places and towns and are not limited to just exploring the main cities. Aside from these, you will find other features such as the mini-games you can play on the bottom of the screen. These mini-games will allow you to help and train your Pokemon and develop a good relationship with your Pokemon. Pokemon-Amie is there to develop special bonds with your Pokemon by feeding them, playing with them, etc. Playing mini-games in PokeX can boost a Pokemon’s base statistics and Super Training can help increase a Pokemon’s EVs.

The biggest feature in the new game is the newly-discovered Mega Evolutions. The Pokemon who were thought before to be unable to evolve are the ones involved in Mega Evolutions and in an exciting twist, are even considered to be the strongest in the game.

However, even with the amazing features, X & Y has some drawbacks and one of them is the lack of originality. It seemed to us that the developers of X & Y did not do much to highlight all the Pokemon created for the latest generation. At the beginning of the game, you will pick from among the three new starters, Chespin, Froakie and Fennekin. As you progress through the game later on you will encounter a lot of older Pokemon series. Although capturing classic favorites was fun, it would have been more fun if we were able to play Silver, Sapphire or Red for that nostalgic feel. Actually, this is also what made us regret somehow the type of the first Pokemon we chose.

Even with that said, Pokemon X is still considered great additions to the franchise and are perfect for Pokemon gamers – both the enthusiasts who turned their backs on the series and the fanatics who have been supporting the games and DS Pokemon emulators all these years. Since generation 6 is considered a mega evolution of its own, Pokemon X & Y games are highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of Pokemon or even a 3DS owner who is thinking of completing their game collections.

Note: Review code is provided by Nintendo.
Plus Features: Stunning 3D World; 3D Animated Battles; Mega Evolutions; New Pokemon; Classic Favorites still in the game
Minus Features: Story is basically the same; Lack of focused attention on the New Pokemon
Rating: 4.5 out of 5