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Pokemon Gold and Silver are the successors of the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow which are the role playing games of Pokemon series.
Pokemon Gold and Silver are set in the fictional region of Johto introducing 100 new species of Pokemon. Johto region consists of seven cities and three towns with different geographical locations. Both Pokemon Gold and Silver are largely independent of each other and can be played separately but to complete the game of Pokedexes it is necessary for the player to trade between the two games. As the player proceeds in game he will encounter many types of terrains such as caves, grassy fields, forests, and seas which are the residences of many different species of Pokemon. On an encounter with these Pokemon, game switches to battle scene where Pokemon will battle.

Pokemon Silver Version Has Off the Charts Replay Value

There’s no doubt about it – Pokemon was such a huge worldwide phenomenon that you couldn’t take one step without seeing a reminder of its prevalence. You have the cartoon shows on television, the wide range of merchandise from the crazy card games to the cute clothes, lunch boxes, and school supplies, and the Nintendo original videogames and their copycats. Such was its popularity that it even eclipsed the popularity of Super Mario Bros., a videogame franchise released a decade before Pokemon.

I remember the craziness that surrounded the pocket monsters. I was then in third grade with majority of my family and friends actually obsessed with everything about Pokemon – the television series, the trading cards, and the toys, as well as the videogames. But by the time I was in fourth grade, I was sick of Pokemon – I thought the television was dumb, the cards and toys were a waste of money, and the time spent on playing the games was a waste of my energy.

Still, I’m happy that I once loved Pokemon. While today’s youngsters are into other types of videogames, such as Yugi-oh, these will probably not make as much of an impact as Pokemon did in its heyday. 

Game Play

If you have been living under a rock, you will likely be unfamiliar with Pokemon and everything to do with it including its gameplay. The basic storyline is that you are an aspiring Pokemon trainer who wants to become a Pokemon master, a journey from obscurity to fame requiring the right mix of savvy, skills, and strategy. You will be given the opportunity to choose a starter Pokemon, or pocket monster, with special powers of its own that can be used to defeat other Pokemon – or you can be defeated, too.

As your Pokemon defeats other Pokemon, you can capture them and keep them in Pokeballs while your starter Pokemon increases its powers, even evolve into a more powerful Pokemon. You have to travel from town to town, find rival trainers with their own Pokemon, and get into battle with them with your goal being to capture their monsters. You will also collect gym badges from rival Gym Trainers, which have Pokemon with specialist powers, in order to fight the Elite Four, the Pokemon world’s best trainers. 

Only when you have collected all 150 Pokemon as well as beat the Gym Trainers and Elite Four will you have the honor of being called a Pokemon Master. Here’s the thing: Getting all 150 Pokemon and beating the big-time trainers isn’t an easy feat so spending several hours each day playing the game is a possibility. 

If you are a veteran of the game, you will observe that the Silver Version has several similarities with its predecessors with a few expansions on the storyline. First, the world appears twice as big as the last versions, which can take several weeks to explore and revisit. Second, players are in the Johto region instead of Kanto, which have differences like a cow farm, Mt. Silver and plenty of legendary Pokemon for Johto while Kanto has a fan club, Pokemon league, and no legendary Pokemon.

Indeed, the bigger world is a nice touch in Pokemon Silver. You will find 101new Pokemon characters varying from a one-armed monkey to a dragonfly although not all of the new characters are entirely different from their predecessors. A few are either pre-evolutions or evolutions of older Pokemon, which is a cool thing, too.

Of course, there’s no point in having these cute pocket monsters if these are for decorative purposes only – and that’s where the battle scenes come in. As in the last game, the Pokemon Silver version has a turn-based game system. You and your rival trainer pick from four options on the battle screen, namely, battle, item, run and Pokemon, as well as four attacks; the latter is a shame considering that the game designers could have added more to the mix for more exciting variety.

The game is a mixed bag – there are new attacks, battle animations, items and strategies but there aren’t incredible changes that will make old and new players be more hooked than ever. But these are still huge improvements over the game’s predecessors, namely, Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow.

The game designers also managed to fix the huge issues in its predecessors. For one thing, the inventory system was flawed since your bag can only accommodate 20 items at a time – and you will definitely find more than 20 items before you can find a place to store the contents of your bag. In the new version, the backpack has been divided into four sections, namely, item pack for holding items like berries and potions; ball bag for holding pokeballs; Tm/HM bag for holding items designed for teaching new moves to Pokemon; and key item pocket for holding items like bike and keys. This was such a welcome development that I could have kissed the game designers, so to speak.


Note: On the subject of Pokeballs, the game designers also added new ball types like fast ball and lure balls.

The Silver version also has other new features including:

  • Quick key item select (i.e., just press the select button to use a key item)
  • Mystery gift (i.e., put two Gameboy devices together and both players get a free random item each)
  • Special events (i.e., to be discussed in the following sections)
  • Customizable room
  • Game clock (i.e., set the time, either in the AM or PM, which will be the time in the game) Keep in mind that different Pokemon can only be captured during certain times and events although you don’t have to worry about it since the game doesn’t appear to be affected by continuity issues. Hopefully, Nintendo can add months and years, perhaps even the seasons into the game.
  • Check the space in the box and radio
  • Cellphone for calling home


There’s a real issue about this game – once you increased your Pokemon’s level, such as from level 85 to 100, you will have a challenging time finding somebody to battle against it.

Overall: 9/10


Yet another good thing going for the Silver Version is the game graphics, a big leap from its predecessors. There are more colors, which add to the game’s replay value because of the vivid virtual world; better battle animations, which appear more like an attack scene especially the attack surf actually appearing like a tsunami; and the people, trees and flowers look more realistic than ever. 

In short, the game designers made huge improvements in the graphics. Of course, there are still a few faults, such as missing animations (e.g., the bike’s wheels aren’t moving even as your game character pedals on it), which reinforces the idea that Nintendo has yet to take full advantage and full control of Gameboy color’s power.  

Overall: 8/10


This is also true for the game’s sound effects. While there’s a big improvement in music and sound effects from the Pokemon Blue, Red and Yell versions, these aren’t still as good as expected after several versions. A few of the tunes are pretty catchy and most of them aren’t terrible, the overall effect isn’t that great either. 

You shouldn’t expect voiceovers either although I must say that there will be no points deduction for it. After all, Pokemon Silver is just a Gameboy color game so realistic expectations must be set. 

If you want to listen to better music, you can plug in your headphone your choice of music in a CD player and continue playing the game. You may still want to listen to the game’s music since its bearable but, again, it isn’t anything to write home to your mother. 

Overall: 7/10

Game Length, Difficulty, and Replay Value

Admittedly, it’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity and inclination to play straight through the game. If you want to play it from start to finish, you have to be prepared for 20 to 30 hours, on average, to get all the gym badges. You will want to play the game again and again even after completing it for the first time, thanks to its high replay value. 

Note: On my own game, I already have 239 hours, 37 minutes – and counting – of play time. 

The game also has several side quests to complete, dozens of items to find, and over a hundred Pokemon to find, battle with, and capture into Pokeballs. You will likely be playing it for several years to come, as I do.

Among the events in the game, the catching contest really caught my fancy. In it, you only have 20 minutes to capture the best bug that you can catch, a feat that requires a combination of a strong Pokemon and strong strategic skills. The healthier and stronger your Pokemon, the higher the chances of winning, which makes it such a fun event.

Tip: Use a scythe and pincher to increase your odds of winning.

As for the challenge level, it partly depends on the type of Pokemon chosen as well as the moves kept. In an overall sense, it’s a relatively easy game, which is a disappointment since it should have more depth that it currently has.

Game Length: Long
Difficulty: Easy to Medium
Replay Value: Beyond expectations


Today, my favorite color is silver and it’s all because of Pokemon Silver! I’m really excited about the direction the series will be taking in the future. Silver is the climax of the series although I must also say that Sapphire and Ruby were also good. You have to pick up this game now! 

Final Score: 9/10



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One of the mission in the game is to follow the main storyline and defeat the Elite Four to become the new champion and other mission is to complete all the entries in the Pokedox( a Pokemon encyclopedia) by collecting, raising and trading to obtain all the 251Pokemon. Player can develop and raise Pokemon engaging in battle with other Pokemon, which can either be other trainee’s Pokemon or a wild Pokemon. This system is in built in all Pokemon video games which allows the winning Pokemon to collect experience points to increase the level. This level controls Pokemon moves and battling statistics.

New features such as time system has also been introduced which keeps the track of time and date with help of a real time internal clock.

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