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Emulate GBC Pokémon Gold and Silver on PC

silver pokemon emuPokemon Gold and Silver are the successors of the Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow which are the role playing games of Pokemon series.
Pokemon Gold and Silver are set in the fictional region of Johto introducing 100 new species of Pokemon. Johto region consists of seven cities and three towns with different geographical locations. Both Pokemon Gold and Silver are largely independent of each other and can be played separately but to complete the game of Pokedexes it is necessary for the player to trade between the two games. As the player proceeds in game he will encounter many types of terrains such as caves, grassy fields, forests, and seas which are the residences of many different species of Pokemon. On an encounter with these Pokemon, game switches to battle scene where Pokemon will battle.

Pokemon Emulator

Play GameBoy COLOR on PC, Mac, PSP etc.

pokemon gold emulatorOne of the mission in the game is to follow the main storyline and defeat the Elite Four to become the new champion and other mission is to complete all the entries in the Pokedox( a Pokemon encyclopedia) by collecting, raising and trading to obtain all the 251Pokemon. Player can develop and raise Pokemon engaging in battle with other Pokemon, which can either be other trainee’s Pokemon or a wild Pokemon. This system is in built in all Pokemon video games which allows the winning Pokemon to collect experience points to increase the level. This level controls Pokemon moves and battling statistics.

New features such as time system has also been introduced which keeps the track of time and date with help of a real time internal clock.

Downloa TGB Dual GBC emulator with multiplayer linking support for trading Pokemons from one rom to another.